Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

Di Saat Aku Merindukanmu

Back to the point
ketika aku merasakan ada satu perbedaan
di kala aku merasakan suatu pertemuan menjadi sesuatu berharga
ketika harapan bertatapan muka menjadi satu angan tertinggi
ketika satu contact menjadi satu kesempatan ternilai
dan ketika sapaan "hai" menjadi kalimat berarti

you know what.
aku tidak tahu apa yang harus dituliskan
sebuah kata - kata tidak dapat terangkai
sebuah kalimat tertabrak kebuntuan suatu perasaan

ini semua terjadi hanya karena kamu
di saat aku rindukanmu
di saat aku inginkan kamu untuk di sisi aku
bii, you know
I miss you so (damn) much.

( Di buat saat aku merindukanmu Suno. C 16 / Desember / 2010 )

Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

The Tampur's Trip

Hey Reader
Welcome back in my latest story

the story I wanna tell for you right now is
the experience for me when I went to Tampur, to bought some shoes

a week before I went to Tampur, I'd made plan with Stephen Firman and Immanuel William
We've made plan, because I had canceled plans to go to Tampur, before.
okay, The plan dealt.

The day when we (Stephen and I) went to Tampur
We went by public transportation,
first we held to Kp.Rambutan's Terminal by 121, and we held to Block M's Terminal by 76 Metro Mini. after that, we took 69 metro mini to Tampur

okay, you know.
We paid more than 10000 rupiahs for all that transportation. *shocked*
because what? I'll tell you.

The 121's cost is Rp. 4000. The total cost of all Metro Mini's are Rp. 4500.
where's the rest? Why I said more than 10000 whereas the total cost just Rp. 9500.?
the cost increase when we took the Metro Minis,
you know the metro minis in every intersection or every stop station it must be putted up (minimal one) the street's musician, and you know every single "musicians" I'd paid Rp. 500 or Rp. 1000. and you know there are more than 5 "musicians" I paid 2 musicians, and 1 pantuners. and all of thats took Rp. 2500 and all of my total expenditures Rp. 11000!! because that musicians!!
oh yeah you know, our trip to Tampur is took about 2 hours. (-_-")

okay, after that
we met Immanuel there, and we started our "pursuit"
I'd looking for Nike SB, and Futsal's shoes.
We'd looking all around Tampur, from side to side. for 2 hours.
I got all the things that I want, from "SB", Futsal shoes, and Timnas Indonesia's Jersey.
Stephen Got "SB" and 2 Manchester United Jerseys.
Immanuel got 1 basket training jersey, and 1 short for hangout.

okay, after that we went home
and you know we must waited for about an hours30 minutes for Patas AC's Bus.
why Patas AC's? because Me and Stephen is so tired and wanna avoid "musicians".(Immanuel took another bus when we got up to Patas')
and although the cost of the Patas's took Rp. 9000, it's alright because it's so comfort, and I'd took a sleep there.

finally the trip was over,
I back to my home, I laid in my bed, and I slept.
wew, the fantastic trip.

(My Nike SB, I made a bid. Rp. 120.000 from Rp. 180.000)

(My Nike Mercurial. Rp. 80.000 from Rp. 135.000)

(My Indonesia's Jersey, Rp. 30.000 from Rp. 45.000)

That's all everything that I've got. although all the things not the original one I loved it, because I don't see that things from that originals, but just for my style and my expenditure that I can expend it. :))

Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

When I Got You

In this post
I wanna tell you a little story
"when I got you"

Starts from I paying attention to her
change my heart's attention
from (someone who couldn't mention her name)
one girl (
which has now become my girlfriend)

many things that arrested me to get closer to her
from my friend side, her idol side, until the courage from me to get closer to her
okay, there are many strikes that held me.
(you know, it'll be a long story if I write it in here)

short stories
I prepare myself to tell her everything about my feeling to her
you know, love feeling :)

right at my friend's birthday party
in 23.10.10
at around 21 : 30 (If I'm not mistaken)

I asked her to the front of fx's east entrance
(actually I wanna tell her at the back of place where is birthday party held, but there were many peoples around there, and made me change my plan)
I said something like this

(In Bahasa Indonesia)
"Kamu tahu kan aku suka sama kamu, kita udah sama - sama suka, dan kamu tahu kalau aku pengen serius sama kamu. nah, di sini aku ingin ngomong ke kamu, kalau aku pengen kamu nerima aku jadi seseorang yang special buat kamu."
(In English)
"You know I love you, we've adore each other, and you know that I seriously want with you. well, here I want to talk to you, would you accept me to be someone special for you?"

I finished telling it to her, and.. she smile and..

she asked me to repeat it
(the first Impression that I showed to her. "what? I've a long way words, cold sweat, and you asked me to repeat. Oh my (-_-")!")

okay, inevitably I repeat all of my words, holding her hand, and now, I forced her to answer it.
(why I forced her? it must be, than I was told to repeat it again.)

and you know, after I told it (for the second time) there is a lil' silence
and after that she said
("Ya, aku mau") Yes, I do

after that I held her hand
and bringing her down back to the party.
and from that event
me and she has a status "In a relationship"

and, you know. we have a "love formula"

SC + SN = Love.

it refers to (Suno Christiawan + Stephanie Naomi = Love)

SC + SN = Love

thanks for accepted to be your special one.

23. 10. 10

okay, maybe too late to tell this story
hehehe :)

The Preparation for UAS' Math Test (semester 1).

Good Morning all.
Morning ?
I say good morning because when I'm making this post,
in the morning precisely at 3:18 a.m dawn

This post actually made just for wasting my time
because at the time I had planned to study math in the morning
my plan failed because my intention that the percentage drop to 0%

really lazy to study, For Sure. LAZY.
You know, For me right now.
MATH is so horrible

I don't know what would I answer in later UAS test.
but for sure
UAS math test later will be a test that would really - really hard
okay, not that hard in the true meaning
but hard
because I'm not study anything for this test

Now, I'm just posting and will pray later
ask the directory for God
how to answer the math test

God, I beg you.

In the end
I just wanna tell you

I'm still not ready for today UAS' Math Test

( This Is The Book That I've Must Learned)

Oh no, already at 3 : 37
forced to learn, although just a little
Good Bye